Forever, My Heart

by Noah T

I know you yell in anger 'cause the quiet's gone and held us all so closely 'til the air was gone to fit your form and function 'til our youth was gone And don't you think I'll notice the world kept moving on I know That the quiet's gone The quiet's gone You lived a contradiction and held it in my face I hate it's so, but I don't know how to let it go I know I know The quiet's gone (I've got to let it go) The quiet's gone (I've got to let it go)
Hungry Ghost 02:32
I live my life the way I was taught the way that my parents lived If I didn't want for anything if I didn't care for much where were my aspirations at? This hungry ghost inside This hungry ghost inside of me I work this 9 to 5 to buy a room of things to make me happy to make me whole I've bought a house, I haven't bought a home This hungry ghost inside This hungry ghost inside of me
First Gone 02:43
We were sheltered we were all alone can't help feeling I'll never make it home You were the first gone You had to run away You were the first It's your birthright strike out and lead the way I never been so lonesome you left with nothing else to say I can hope for a lifetime full of change You were the first gone You had to run away You were the first
What do I have to offer you? for once I felt alive I'd hoped for you so long I knew you couldn't hide Forever, my heart (I'll) Sing to you when you're lonely hold you when you are blue give to you ever so quietly for once I know what to do I love you honestly I love you so true Forever, my heart I'll give to you Forever, my heart my loving one Forever, my heart the best I can do Forever, my heart I'll give you Forever, my heart
Leaving 02:06
Packed up we're ready to go left notice months ago sorry if you didn't know but we're leaving, tomorrow All packed and patches sewed maps ready, open roads book bags and cases stowed but we're leaving, tomorrow sun sets and I can't sleep tea made, I'm counting sheep sun breaks, we're heading east but we're leaving, tomorrow
what have you done? tell of your accomplishments tell me how everything is all right 'cause it makes me feel alone what are you doing? you tell me everything is great tell me how you conquered life 'cause I'm doing fine. you say you're well read and everythings worked the way you knew it would and you tell me your savings have never been better and it makes me feel alone
Repeat 03:05
repeat after me: everything has it's cost no one has gain who hasn't counted their loss repeat after me: nothing is free repeat after me: give myself to those who care invest in the best, 'cause the rest of them are never there repeat after me: I'm worth someone's loving repeat after me: love yourself to love someone true find calm inside, and decide that's what you'll do repeat after me: I'll make it through, because I have to


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released May 25, 2016


all rights reserved



Noah T Tulsa, Oklahoma

Musician out of Tulsa, Oklahoma

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